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PJF can show you how easy it is to save water with practical, cost effective green products and services.

Green plumbing is a whole new way of conserving energy as it relates to water usage. Greening your plumbing can reduce home energy costs, improve your home from a health perspective, and it’s easier on the environment. The main aim is to save water resources by minimizing water and energy consumption and minimizing the impact of chemicals on earth’s atmosphere. It leads to a greener and a cleaner environment.

PJF is a fourth generation family plumber with over 30+ years of residential and commercial experience. Call 224.338.0073 for green plumbing solutions that save you energy costs.

Aside from the financial incentives, you’ll sleep better knowing that you’re decreasing your carbon footprint while improving your standard of living.

It’s hard to believe that 15% of the water used in households is due to leaks in the plumbing. Toilets are the biggest culprits, with faucets and showers being close behind.

Most shower heads will drip for up to two hours before stopping. To measure the amount of water your shower head is wasting, put a bowl under the shower head or tub spout after a shower. If it has more than a cup and a half of water in it, you have a problem! All of these leaks can cause huge water bills. If you fix a drip like this, however, you can save up to 391 gallons a year. Go green with PJF Plumbing & Heating.